About Sara

Sara Flatow has worked in the entertainment industry in Hollywood for 25 years. Over the past two decades, she has created behind the scenes content for many popular television shows and films. Her latest projects include Grey's Anatomy (2005—present), Scandal (2013—present), How to Get Away with Murder (2014—present), and The Catch (2016).

Sara is also the director and producer of Marching Beyond Halftime, the nation's first documentary feature film about the long-lasting benefits of music education in public schools.

Featured Work

From feature films to hit TV shows, Sara Flatow has collaborated with some of the most prominent actors, directors, and producers to create short form documentaries and premium behind-the-scenes content.


“Sara is the best of all things:  smart, relaxed, creative, compassionate.  Her interviews were safe, thoughtful and focused.  She created an atmosphere of play and authenticity and brings professional competence to everything she does.  She is one of a kind.”

Amy Brenneman

“Working with Sara was such a pleasure. Her style reminds me of great interviewers of days gone by: professional, knowledgeable, creative and intimate. She loves story telling and is a great story teller!”

Kate Walsh

“The best thing about Sara is that you can give her a project and never worry!  She does it all – creative, production, post – the work is always excellent, she keeps you informed, solves problems and delivers on time and on budget.  Sara also has great relationships with studios and shows and has genuinely earned the long-term respect and loyalty of her clients.  I’m not sure what more you could ask for in a producer!”

Harley Rinzler
Co-Founder, Playground Media Group

“I have been working with Sara for almost a decade, and throughout this time I have always had confidence in her commitment to the job, and in her care for her craft. Sara is well prepared and professional, which allows me to not have to worry about how a shoot or a feature will turn out.”

Sean Madden
Content Enhancement Production, Walt Disney Studios

“As an editor, writer and producer of videos for over 25 years, I’ve found that the difference between success and failure usually hinges on the compatibility, cooperation and camaraderie of a creative team. Sara is not only supremely talented and capable, but makes taking on any challenge a genuine pleasure, which in turn brings out the best in everyone else. She’s also a tireless organizer and problem solver – a priceless commodity in this business. I look forward to every opportunity to work with her and can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Gary Durrett

“Having worked with Sara Flatow over the past 7 years, I can honestly say she is one of the most passionate and dedicated producers I know.  Sara fully immerses herself in every project from beginning to end.”

Michelle Kiers
Content Enhancement Production, Walt Disney Studios

“I have worked with Sara for the past 8 years on Desperate Housewives. I have found her to be bright, aware and energetic. She brings a passion to her work, along with an understanding of the realities of production; an understanding of both the business AND creative aspects of the job…”

David Grossman
Executive Producer/Director, Desperate Housewives

“Sara Flatow has been perfect for 6 years on “Private Practice,” finding the sweet spot between getting the job done, cajoling the actors into doing it and not interrupting production. She is respectful and responsive, plans ahead but is able to change her plans on a moment’s notice and is always a pleasure to deal with.”

Ann Kindberg
Co-Executive Producer/Director, Private Practice

“As someone who has been filming EPK and DVD materials for over 30 years, I have a very deep and abiding respect for Sara’s talents as a writer and producer in this field.  Sara is always fully prepared for any contingency, and that makes working with her just that much more enjoyable and rewarding.  Professional and personable, Sara is always great to work with.  I look forward to any assignments I am fortunate to be able to do with her.”

Bruce Schultz
DP / Intl. Photographers Guild

“ I have worked with Sara for the better part of ten years on DVD special features and EPKs.  We’ve produced content for some of the biggest shows on television during that time.

As a director of photography with over 20 years experience, I have worked with a great number of producers and I can’t think of anyone with more dedication to her work, the project at hand and the client than Sara.  On every show we worked on, she had intimate knowledge of the production, the people, the set and the narrative arc.

Sara is always well prepared when she walks on set.  Her creative reflected her knowledge of the shows and movies on which we worked.  She knew what would be of interest to the audience and what would be accomplishable within the budget and the parameters set by the show or film.  It is so important when producing additional content to respect the production that you’re working on, and she does that very well.

On every set we visited, producers, directors and talent greeted Sara as they would anyone else on the crew – usually with a hug, they’d chat about the show, a favorite football team, or life in general.  That is the best illustration of how Sara works – she becomes part of the production family, and that makes our job so much easier, more pleasant and most importantly, that relationship shows in the content that she produces.”

Jake Zortman

“Sara Flatow is the best kind of interviewer:  Smart, informed, interested, and no-nonsense.  She is at ease with herself and her job, and that puts the interviewee at ease.  She is the best.”

Paul Adelstein


Highlights of Qualifications

  • Writes, produces, directs, and edits quality and enlightened programming for all media
  • Experienced in production for all media including television, DVD, film, and internet content
  • Three years of editing experience
  • Creates and works within all budget levels
  • Proficient in pitching ideas and concepts for both content and marketing materials
  • Strongly skilled in all aspects of production
  • Over a decade of experience interviewing A-list talent
  • Stellar relationships with studios, producers, directors, talent, crew, and editors

Work History

  • Playground Media Group
    (January 2006—Present)
  • Freelance Production
    (December 1998—January 2006)
  • Walt Disney Company / Buena Vista Home Entertainment
    (August 1993—December 1998)
  • Freelance Television & Film Production
    (April 1991—August 1993)
    Producer, AD, Post-Production Supervisor


  • Bachelor of Science in Advertising from the University of Florida
  • Producer's Guild of America
  • Motion Picture Editor’s Guild – Local 700
  • Judith Weston: Acting for Directors and Script Analysis & Rehearsal Techniques
  • TV Director Shadowing: Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy
  • AVID Media Composer/FCP 7
  • Santa Monica College 2015-2016 AVID classes – Digital Video Editing & Cutting Narrative


  • Theatrical EPK & DVD Special Features
  • National and Worldwide TV Advertising Campaigns
  • Television Specials
  • Theatrical & Home Entertainment Trailers
  • Sizzles


  • DVD Bonus Features
  • National TV Commercials
  • EPK Interviews/Behind-the-Scenes
  • On-air Promos

Editing/Assistant Editing/Online Editing

  • Documentary film
  • DVD Bonus Features
  • Trailers & Sizzle Reels

Featured Projects

  • Grey’s Anatomy Seasons 2 – present
  • Scandal Season 3 – present
  • How To Get Away With Murder
  • The Catch
  • Devious Maids – Seasons 1, 2
  • Desperate Housewives Seasons 1, 3 - 8
  • Private Practice Seasons 1 - 6
  • Castle Season 2
  • Footloose

More Featured Projects

  • The Bounty Hunter
  • Battle: Los Angeles
  • The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
  • Wall•E
  • Christmas with the Kranks
  • AVP: Alien vs. Predator
  • Shrek
  • American Beauty
  • Gladiator


  • Paramount
  • Walt Disney Company/ABC Studios
  • 20th Century Fox
  • DreamWorks
  • Pixar
  • TVG Network
  • HBO
  • Mattel
  • Buena Vista Home Entertainment
  • Playground Media Group
  • Blue Collar Productions
  • The Herzog Company

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